Yes, 95% of all Forex traders are losing money! My new system will let you see profits from the Forex market even from many losing trades....


A Divergence & Statistics-Based System That  Lets You Profit From The Forex Market Even if You Have More Losing Than Winning Trades! That's Right...


What I'm about to show you on this page, will change everything you knew about trading and that's not all... this system will work for you on:


The LST System is a unique statistical-hybrid strategy based upon powerful and automated divergence analysis, taking advantage of the cyclical movement of market prices. The System comes with a customized Trading Simulator so you won't risk your money until you are fully confident with the Forex strategy!

Click Play and Let Me Introduce You to a Brand New Concept of Trading...




It doesn't matter what time frame you will use, what pair you will trade, doesn't matter what market condition as long as you keep my simple rules of the LST System - it will work for you!



Vladimir Ribakov


From the Trading Labs of: Vladimir Ribakov
Re: Forex LST System


Dear Forex Friend,


My name is Vladimir Ribakov and I am proud to say that for the past several years I have established a small but very prestigious Forex community. For those who haven't had the chance to know me until now, let me tell you a little about myself and my online and offline venture. A quick Google search for my name will validate everything I say.


After 11 years of trading experience, trading my own Forex accounts as well as for large hedge funds and brokerages, I had decided to fulfill my destiny and personally mentor aspiring Forex and Commodities traders.


My first contribution to the online Forex community was creating 3 important trading tools and strategies:


1. The Broker-Nightmare Suite - a trading tool that protects Forex traders from being abused and cheated by dishonest Forex Brokers.


2. sRs Trend Rider - my first semi-automatic, Hybrid Forex Strategy that I'm glad to say, have shown the light to many traders...proving them that it is possible to extract money from the Forex Market, even if you are a home-based trader as opposed to big player.


The sRs Trend Rider was declared as one of the best Forex strategies released until today, achieving one of the highest ranks on the objective Forex Peece Army community, with excellent reviews by happy traders.


3. The Pips Carrier - hybrid strategy for long term trading, designed for those who don't have too much time to trade. This strategy doesn't generate too many trades however most trades reach +100 pips and more.


On 2011 I opened the doors to my Forex Signals and Mentoring service ( where I trade and mentor many new traders. I really don't like to speak and pour compliments about myself so here is what some of my students have to say about me through our social channels:


vladimir ribakov testimonials


For more testimonials you can check my Forex Signals & Mentoring website: Click Here



One of the first things that people who are not members of my community ask is - are you a consistently profitable trader? The answer to this question can be easily seen in the performance statistics below.


You can also view a trade-by-trade breakdown of every single trade I took since the club was established, and all trades that I called in real time during our daily live trading room sessions.


To view the full list and trade details, please click on the link below this screen shot:


forex trading strategies


Click HERE to see the complete table with all the trades Vladimir
took since starting his signals service in 2011 till today.


A few days ago I have received an email from one of my students from my Forex Signals & Forex Mentoring service and a screenshot about his account growth that I have to share with you.


forex trading testimonials


And this the screenshot Igor attached to the email:


forex trading testimonials


In the above screenshot, Igor even explains his learning curves during his trading.


While members of my signals & mentoring service have daily access to me, I have constant contact with my community via my Forex blog and facebook page. During each and every trading day, I provide insights and updates on the Forex market, as well as publishing my weekly market review videos.


During 2011 I decided I must meet my followers in person, so my team organized the first offline Forex seminar in Hungary, which was a huge success. Duo to the success of the Hungarian Seminar, I have been asked and scheduled another one in Hungary between the dates 4th to the 7th of May and more seminar plans in Paris, Germany and the US in the next few months.


Vladimir Ribakov in his Forex Seminars



My Most Preferred Trading Methods


During the years I've been trading, I have developed my own Forex methods of analyzing market divergences, which I found to be highly accurate.


Divergences are used by some of the world's top Forex traders since they provide a unique insight into the underlying forces that drive the market, forces which are hidden from the rest of the crowd.


When certain types of divergence occur, they reveal mistakes in price action. And when the market realizes prices are wrong, the market quickly and violently fixes it. I want to be in before the market realizes the mistake, and that's where the power of divergences is.


Divergences are tricky to spot and identify, and even more tricky to teach the computer how to spot them! Yes, I know there are some divergence indicators around the net, but I didn't find them accurate enough for my purposes. That's why up until now, I was only analyzing divergences manually.


If you're a member of my Forex community, you've probably heard the slogan "Divergences Never Lie"! Divergences can begin later than they are spotted, but eventually they appear.


The ways to trade divergences are as many as the ways to trade a trend. But the idea is the same:


1. Recognize an extreme area;

2. Confirm on a higher time frame;

3. Get your ok from the indicators;

4. and you have a great setup.


Two examples to prove my point: these are trades signaled in my Live Trading Room, resulting in major moves:


forex trading proof


And another one...


forex trading proof


These examples show that it doesn't really matter what timeframe you use, what financial market you trade, it's always the same - DIVERGENCES NEVER LIE!


Recently, my coding team had a breakthrough and was able to program automated divergence recognition software. This breakthrough enabled me to develop the LST strategy to be used by home based traders.



The Super-Power of Statistics in Real Life 


"Statistics always balance out!"


This is a concept I believe in that gets confirmed to me on a daily basis in all aspects of life. I am a big believer of statistics and numbers. And the longer you do something and get similar results, the more reliable those results become.


The day I remember becoming such a devote believer in statistics and made it "click" in my head was perhaps, unusual, but nonetheless true: It was during a basketball game in 2004 between Zalgiris Kaunas and Maccabi Tel Aviv.


In this game, Zalgiris had to win, but in the end they lost, because of statistics (well, some luck helped also :) but the numbers did the job. It was 2.2 seconds, and Zalgiris was leading by 3 points. Their star player was about to take 2 free shots after a foul. This was a player had succeeded in 90% of his shots.


In this particular game until then he was 6 for 6, or 100% success. And like I said in the beginning, statistics RULE. That's what happened here: Zalgiris' star player missed his two shots! Putting him closer to where he had been for the last few years, at 90%.


A player with 100% success missing 2 shots? Wait, that's not the craziest thing that happened in this game. Right after that it was Maccabi Tel Aviv's ball and they started it from their own half court. Their coach asked to throw the ball to Derek Sharp, one of the three point shooters for Tel Aviv.


Many people were shocked at why he didn't want to give the ball to the "hottest" player that day, Sarunas Jasikevicius. But he is the coach and no one can argue with him. Sharp got the ball and made an IMPOSSIBLE 3 point throw, and it went in!!!!!! Probably the most incredible shot ever and one of the most exciting moments for basketball fans!


After that, in additional time, Maccabi Tel Aviv won. At the end of the game all journalists asked the Tel Aviv coach why he chose to give the last ball to Sharp who wasn't at the top of his game and not to Jasikevicius who was hot?


He answered: "Sharp normally has around 45% success rate of 3 points during his carrier", and today he had around 20% only, Sarunas also has 45% and today had more than 50% success rate of 3 points". Based on statistics, the chances that Sarunas will miss are bigger than the chances that Sharp will miss. That was a real wake up call for me.


Since that evening I am the biggest believer of statistics!


With the LST I will prove you how EVEN if you lose MORE trades than you win, and EVEN if your success rate is only 40% you will still make money by trading my statistical method of the LST System. For those of you who are basketball fans, here are the unforgivable moments:



P.S - I might be wrong about the actual numbers of the game, it is roughly the numbers I remember.


So, after seeing countless evidence, both in life and in trading, of how statistics always balance out, I can safely say I am a man of statistics. I love statistics and I talk statistics. I have discovered that some of my friends who are smarter than me in many fields, seem to fail to understand some basic statistics principles. Perhaps its a kind of sense you're born with. I gradualy became aware that I was probably born with that sense.


Although I don't think that Forex trading is gambling or betting, still I believe that any trader must possess at least piece of the heart of a gambler.


I myself shamelessly admit that I love to gamble, usually on sports games. For many years now, I do it for fun and I do manage to get nice profits from it usually. My community followers are already aware of my passion for sports...


Like in my Trading, when I bet I tend not to rely purely on my knowledge and acquiantance with the team or players, but 99% of the time if not 100%, I rely on strategies I developed during the years...ALL OF THEM ARE BASED ON STATISTICS!

The story of that 2004 basketball game is a nice example of what I mean.


But statistics are not enough. You must approach the market in a strategic way, and do so in a consistent manner. And your strategy should be in harmony with the statistic principles you're basing your trades on and here it is time to introduce to you my Forex LST system:



Introducing The LST System


As I mentioned earlier, The LST System, is a statistical-hybrid Forex system based upon powerful and automated divergence analysis, taking advantage of the cyclical movement of currencies prices in the Forex market.


LST stands for: Learn, Simulate and Trade. This is always my advice for my students and traders:


Learn the system and once you're sure you fully understand it, trade it on the unique LST Simulator. Once you feel comfortable and dominate the rules – it is time to trade real money!


Before I will get into this systen, let me tell that the The LST package consists of a multiple confirmation alert system.


It is built to provide clear and confident entry and exit prompts.


Forex LST trading system

The Alert is based on 3 components:


1. Divergence - a unique Forex indicator developed by Vladimir Ribakov and Laslo Hun (Vladimir's student), based on the many years of his experience perfecting the art of divergence analysis. The Divergence indicator clearly marks divergences on the chart, and how to use them, eliminating the need for any guess work or mis-interpretation.


2. Candlestick Patterns indicator - a proprietary indicator marking specific Japanese Candlestick patterns with very high success rate potential.


3. Price Tunnel – This indicator will dynamically adapt a special tunnel that marks reactionary areas.


These components work in harmony and are designed to be easy to follow. They were especially built for the LST system and its specific requirements.


The LST forex trading strategy works on any time frame, such as 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, etc. It is designed to cope with any market condition. This includes both trending markets and markets caught in a range. The You can apply the LST to any currency pair (with preference to the majors).


The alerts will pop up on your MetaTrader and will also be sent via email. The LST's template also includes relevant news updates, to provide an extra layer of safety.


This was the technical tools used in the LST System and now, I want to speak on a very SENSITIVE issue that all traders are terryfing from and that's LOSING TRADES...and how it relates to the LST System!



Test Cases - LST Statistics Win


In a moment, I will prove to you, that you can still profit from the forex market even if you are getting it right only 34% of the time! I am serious about it as a heart attack.


As much as we don't want to accept it, losing trades are part of trading. If you have no tolerance towards having bad trades, than my advice to you is to give up and look for something else to do or risk your money on. I am blunt here on purpose, and if you feel that way, please leave this page since I really don't want you to continue and give me your money. I hope that I'm really clear about it.


However, if you are willing to accept the bitter fact that in your trading, you are expected to get some losing trades, then let me explain and show you something I know will be difficult for you to believe and understand. You can argue with your wife or friends, but you can't argue with black-and-white facts!


The LST works on proven statistic principles. On any pip we risk, we look to take at least two pips. In other words, the risk-to-reward ratio is at least 1:2 or higher!


The way the LST strategy for forex trading is designed, you will break even as long as you will get it right about 33.3% of the time. Think about it, 34 winning trades vs 76 losing trades will still give you I will prove to you in a moment.


Yes, I know it sounds crazy and unrealistic...


34 or more good trades v 76 or less losing trades = Profit For You.


Since I designed the LST to work on any market condition, any time frame etc., I am telling here and now, don't expect what the self-proclaimed, so-called "gurus", are calling "high accuracy" (like 80% successful trades). It won't happen here. But it won't be an obstacle to making money - on the contrary!


Before I will explain you the science and reason behind it, let me show you a few Test Cases from the LST Systsem.


Test Case #1
Profit even with ONLY 40% success rate


Let's look at our first test case:


As you can see in this example, on the AUDUSD 5 minutes, we only got 40% of the trades winning (6 winning trades),and oppose to 60% of trades lost (9 losing trades). Still, using the LST System, our account shows a profit of $141.17 and that's just on one currency pair, with a minimal lot size of 0.1. With a larger lot size of 1.0 lot, this translates to $1411.


forex trading proof



Test Case #2
EURUSD on 5-minutes time frame - 58.14% winning trades


After just 4 months of trading, with a success rate of 58.14%, the EURUSD gave a net profit of $1889 while we keep a risk-to-reward ratio of about 1:2.5 on average, meaning we gained an average of $2.5 on every $1 we risked.


forex trading proof



Test Case #3
Full year, higher time frame on USDJPY


These results were obtained on the USDJPY, trading the 4-hours time frame. We were able to capture large moves, with a success rate of 75%, and a profit of $4252 for this currency pair.


forex trading proof



Test Case #4
USDCAD on H1 time frame


On the USDCAD currency pair, with 1-hour chart, we had a 56% success rate, and ended 4 months of testing with $3737.93 profit. We risked a maximum of 2% of the account on each trade, and gained more than 37% return on the account.


forex trading proof



Test Case #5
EURGBP on M15 time frame


Again we risked only 2% per trade, and with just 53% of our trades ending in profit, we made a total return of more than 20% in less than half a year, on the EURGBP pair alone. This translates into a profit of $2063.54


forex trading proof


I believe you can appreciate the power of the LST System by now...



The LST System is Based on Proven Statistics


What does it mean? The following video will clear the picture for you. Please watch it carefully...




The Trading Simulator


Throughout the years I discovered that one of the core reasons people fail with even high quality strategies, is that they jump into the cold water, using the strategy on the live volatile market without really understanding it. Then their inexperience results in losses, and they quickly abandon what could have been an amazing money-making strategy.


That’s why I built a full Forex Market Simulator specifically for the LST forex trading strategy, on the same principles of a flight simulator.


I worked with software engineers, system modelers and top traders to create a replica of the market.


Now you can try out the LST System, varying the speed of market changes and volatility according to your experience level - before you roll them out on the real market.


This way you can get 100% comfortable with the strategies without any risk of losing money.


The simulator is designed to train you in every conceivable market condition. Load up the simulator and trade. The experience you’ll gain will be invaluable.


When you are ready, switch to the real markets – absolutely confident that you can profit from whatever the market throws at you.



LST Beta Testers


About a month ago, I have put together the LST System Beta Testing group, which consists of 6 members from my service. Each beta tester received a license to the LST, and was required to learn the system and start working with the simulator.


One of the tasks of the beta-testers was to report bugs, tell about their user experience in detail, and provide Forex account statements of their results. I also told my beta-testers that if they'd like to, they are welcome to make a video where they tell honestly about their experiences with the LST, a video to be published in the LST website.


Due to the originality and uniqueness of the LST System and the fact it is statistic based where Losses v Winning ratio on averae is 50-50, I was expecting some pyschological barriers from my beta-testers, however, today I am quite happy to say, that except reporting of minor bugs and changes to the interface, all my beta-testers were able to trade with no fear and presented profits.


I'm happy to present to you each of my Beta-Tester's FTC-Compliant Video testimonials and results.   



Beta-Tester #1 - Marty Kings, UK


About me: I live in Wales, UK. In 2009 I started learning Forex trading, and like many other newbie traders I jumped from one system to the next, looking for the ultimate answer. At some point I realized I could really benefit from an experienced mentor.


During my long quest to find a mentor, I came across Vladimir Ribakov and since then, he played a key role in my consistent profitability since then, as I explain in my video.



My Testing & Results


Pair Time Risk Deposit Dates Winning Losing Profit/Loss  Statement
AUDUSD 15 Minutes 2% $10000 2011.09.30 - 2012.03.31 58.33% 41.67% $108.80 View
AUDUSD 5 Minutes 0.1 Lot $10000 2011.09.26 - 2012.03.25 40% 60% $141.17 View
AUDUSD 5 Minutes 2% $10000 2011.11.01 - 2012.03.28 30.0% 70.0% $179.07 View



Beta-Tester #2 - Jaroslav Spilar, Czech Republic


My name is Jaroslav Spilar, I am an 53 years old forex trader from the Czech Republic. My professional background – IT, Telco, call center business.


I am trading Forex since 2008, last two years full time, for living. I am focused on intraday business, prefer scalping. My technical analysis is based on harmonic patterns, currency strenght and recently MACD divergence.


At the end of 2011 I subscribed Vladimir Ribakov´s service and very soon I recognized the unique quality of this trading group. In my honest opinion – this is a very well designed and well managed service, couched by an excellent and experienced trader, supported by great web site with clever system, where all trades placed in the room are clear announced, documented and archived, also with lot of educational material and help tools available.


Vladimir is a clever trader and a honest and hardworking guy. Very consistent and reliable, always sticking to his rules – first analyse the market, find the opportunities, make a plan and stick to this plan. He is also very cautious trader, always keeping in mind the money management and appropriate risk level. He is not promising unrealistic gains, but even delivering a profitable, consistent and well ballanced service. I also would like to mention Vladimir´s last development – new trading tool called LST, where he concentrated all his trading experience and wisdom into it.


LST is a set of Forex indicators and expert advisors, based on MACD divergence with candle pattern confirmation. I was one of the beta testers of this tool and was quite impressed about the outstanding performance. I do not want to go into details here but I have to confess that since the begin of beta tests I also used LST on my real account and it already helped me to book lot of nice pips. Congratulation, good job Vladimir!



My Testing & Results


Pair Time Risk Deposit Dates Winning Losing Profit/Loss  Statement
EURJPY 15 Minutes 2% $10000 2011.10.01 - 2011.10.31 55.56% 44.44% $968.54 View
EURJPY 15 Minutes 2% $10000 2011.11.01 - 2011.11.30 72.73% 27.27% $1182.62 View
EURJPY 15 Minutes 2% $10000 2011.12.01 - 2011.12.31 83.33% 16.67% $544.95 View
EURJPY 15 Minutes 2% $10000 2012.01.01 - 2012.01.31 83.33% 16.67% $916.58 View
EURJPY 15 Minutes 2% $10000 2012.02.01 - 2012.02.29 76.92% 23.08% $2558.79 View
EURJPY 5 Minutes 0.1 lot $10000 2011.10.01 - 2011.10.31 25.00% 75.00% -$140.79 View
EURJPY 5 Minutes 0.1 lot $10000 2011.11.01 - 2011.11.30 50.00% 50.00% $74.85 View
EURJPY 5 Minutes 0.1 lot $10000 2011.12.01 - 2011.12.31 50.00% 50.00% $32.75 View



Beta-Tester #3 - Chris Underwood, Canada


About me: my name is Chris Underwood and before I found Vladimir Ribakov I was a full time staff accountant working for the largest school bus company in North America. I always knew that I wanted to trade but never had the proper teaching or guidance. I was practicing a lot on my own and getting nowhere. I can honestly say that I was trying to find my way for about 2.5 years.


I bought a lot of books on the subject, I followed people in forums, I bought a lot of robots and EA's and I also tried other Forex signal service providers.


Until one day I got an email suggesting a signal service that Vladimir was a part of. This was back in June of 2011, and as the say the rest is history. I have been following him every since June of 2011 and I am now a full time Forex trader thanks to Vladimir's teachings.



My Testing & Results


Pair Time Risk Deposit Dates Winning Losing Profit/Loss  Statement
GBPUSD 5 Minutes 1% $10000 2011.10.01 - 2011.10.31 50.00% 50.00% $595.71 View
GBPUSD 5 Minutes 1% $10000 2011.11.01 - 2011.11.30 63.64% 36.36% $498.14 View
GBPUSD 5 Minutes 1% $10000 2011.12.01 - 2011.12.31 76.47% 23.53% $605.75 View



Beta-Tester #4 - Adrian Yeap, Malaysia


My name is Adrian Yeap and I am from Malaysia.


I have my own business and I also like to trade Forex. I have been trading Forex for 3 years and still trading today.


I started to follow Vladimir for the last 2 years. I follow him during his jv with Bob Iaccino Forex Signals. Then after I know Vladimir that he had started his own Live Trading Room, I joined his group too. I like his daily LTR as it did improved my trading skill. It just like trading forex everyday with him and learn how he trade.


Vladimir is a very nice person and he share all whatever he knows to everyone. He never keeps anything to himself. I find that he is a genuine teacher that really teach us what he knows


Finally, I would like to say, you can trust all his products. Reason is, all his products really works and will bring you good profit.



My Testing & Results


Pair Time Risk Deposit Dates Winning Losing Profits  Statement
USDCAD 1 Hour 5% $10000 2011.08.01 - 2012.03.28 90.00% 10% $2744.87 View



Beta-Tester #5 - Jonathan Kelly, UK


About me: My name is Jonathan and I have been interested in trading for as long as I can remember. My first experience of trading was in the City during the 80’s but I left to run my own business. I have always been fascinated by the charts and the opportunities that successful trading creates.


Once my kids started at school my wife was able to take on some of my other business commitments which allowed me to get back to trading.


I joined up with Vlad last year and found the community which he had created was a great way to discuss charts and learn with other people.


I have always run and owned my own businesses, so I am used to working alone, but successful trading requires a community to help you stay focused and to manage the emotions which come with trading day in and day out.


I couldn’t now imagine trading without Vladimir’s virtual live trading room.



My Testing & Results


Pair Time Risk Deposit Dates Winning Losing Profit/Loss  Statement
GBPJPY 15 Minutes 0.1 lot $10000 2011.09.12 - 2011.10.18 50.00% 50.00% $290.83 View
GBPJPY 15 Minutes 0.1 lot $10000 2011.10.20 - 2011.10.30 50.00% 50.00% -$162.74 View
GBPJPY 15 Minutes 0.1 lot $10000 2011.11.07 - 2011.11.13 0.00% 100.0% -$199.54 View
GBPJPY 1 Hour 2% $10000 2011.07.01 - 2012.01.12 45.00% 55.00% $2239.77 View



Beta-Tester #6 - David Jakubauskas, US


My name is David Jakubauskas, I was trading forex since 2007 unsuccessfully until I joined Vladimir’s Signal Service and mentoring.


I have known Vladimir Ribakov since May of 2011 when he started his service. Since then, I have learned how to trade properly.


I now am a fulltime forex trader, I have quit my 9-5 job and I owe it all to Vladimir. He has taught me how to trade divergences, money management and psychology of trading, all of them invaluable tools for my trading life.


His new LST system impressed me so much that I decided to help him spread the word about it in the online forex community, and also registered as an LST affiliate promoter.


Thank you Vladimir!



My Testing & Results


Pair Time Risk Deposit Dates Winning Losing Profit/Loss  Statement
EURUSD 5 Minutes 2% $10000 2011.08.01 - 2012.04.20 45.65% 54.35% $4814.17 View



Feedback From Users


Added to website: 16th May 2012


After launching the LST, Vladimir opened a dedicated Skype group for LST users. This is where LST traders meet to discuss trades and interact with Vladimir himself, as well as all the fellow LST traders.


Here's a sample of the great positive feedback that users of the LST posted in the Skype group, and Vladimir's Forex Signals & Mentoring club discussion board:




So, Let's Recap What You Are Getting?


(Important: everything below will be installed for you AUTOTMATICALLY by Once Click Installtion Porcess!)


forex lst trading system guide

Forex LST System Strategy Guide

My easy-to-follow, step-by-step written guide to the LST strategy, including all the tips and insights I gained from using this strategy on live market conditions.


forex divergence indicator

Divergence Indicator

This is a unique indicator which finally breaks the barrier that prevented automated identification and classification of divergences, up until now. I developed this truly inspiring software together with my partner Laszlo Hun, and a team recruited especially for this project, consisting of a mathematician, a pattern recognition specialist and two top coders.


candle pattern indicator

Candle Patterns Identifier Indicator

This indicator will accurately identify and mark the different candle patterns that provide extra power and accuracy to the LST system. This proprietary indicator was also developed thanks to Laszlo Hun and our team of software experts.


price tunnel indicator

Price Tunnel Indicator

This is nothing like any other channel or tunnel indicator you've ever seen. It is dinamically adapting to the market, and provides a clear, accurate exit signal which eliminates any confusion or hesitation.


forex lst strategy alerter

Forex LST Alerter

No need to babysit the charts! This add-on will provide you with an on-screen alert as well as email alerts directly to your inbox, when all trading conditions are met. The alerter clearly marks the entry and exit points, and the reasons why the signal was issued.


 forex template

Forex LST Template

This template applies the LST System on your charts with a single mouse click. Everything you need is automatically displayed and ready for action, using optimized colors and .



live trading room

Live Execution Script

This script makes entring trades extremely fast and reliable. But there's much more to this script: it calculates and displays the amount of pips for the stop loss and take profit BEFORE you enter the trade, and it also automatically calculates the risk-to-reward ratio, so you will know if this trade represents a good trading opportunity from a statistical point of view, or you should look for better entries or exits.


forex simulator indicator

Forex LST Trading Simulator

One of the unique features of the LST package is this custom simulator, which enables you to be an expert at the LST strategy, before you use it on real conditions. The simulator enables you to changes the stop loss and take profit of a trade during its life in the simulated market, as well as monitor the trade's statistics and simulator account activity.


Still you won't be left alone....


forex video tutorials

Video Tutorials

Every aspect of the strategy I explain step-by-step in these video tutorials that I prepared for you. My video tutorials will guide you how to install the LST System, how to use the simulator and even how to use it.


forex webinar

LST Trading Webinars with Vladimir Ribakov

You don’t just get all the tools and the user guides and videos... I believe that you should get practical guidance on real market situations. That’s why I recorded the LST webinars for you to watch. You will see the LST in action as I apply it to my trading.




Order Now



How Quickly Can I Start?


Since this isn’t a robot there aren’t any complicated pieces of software to install and run on a VPS or something... In fact, the complete LST system can be installed with just a few clicks.


This means you can be up and running in time for your next trading session.


Here are your next steps:


step 1

This is a one-click install that anyone can do within 5 minutes. LST is 100% compatible with Metatrader 4 and has been rigourously tested to make sure it installs correctly every time.


step 2

Use the detailed Strategy Guide to quickly learn the fundamentals of my new system. It’s easy to learn and you’ll understand it within minutes. If you are a seasoned professional, you’ll recognize that my methods are perfect complements to your existing trading strategies!


step 3

Try out the strategy in The LST Simulator. Watch as it performs flawlessly in any market condition. Use the Simulator time to boost your confidence and learn the secrets of how the strategies work.


step 4

When you are 100% comfortable, start trading the strategies on the real market. Start small and slowly build positions with your profits. Use the visual indicators to confirm your trading strategy. Go ahead and go about your daily routine – the LST Email system will alert you to new opportunities BEFORE they occur.



Still Have Some Q & A?
Let's Deal With Them Right Now!


Click on one of the links below for your subject of interest:




Pricing The LST System


In comparison to all the systems you have probably being exposed until now, I wouldn’t hesitate to sell this system for not less than $2500. Truthfully, its uniqueness and results are worth much more. My team and some of my closest clients believe that $2500 is an insult to my intelligence and experience.


But those who knows me, know your success is worth much more to me. Until now I can say with much confident, I have never over prices any of my products or servies and I am not going to start now.


I want you to be able to invest in LST forex trading strategy without breaking the bank. In fact, I want to price the System low enough to make sure you don’t feel like you are taking a huge risk.


So I am going to offer you the full LST System for a one-time investment of just $197!


While I shoulder all the risk.


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