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About the LST System


The LST System, pioneered by master trader Vladimir Ribakov, is a hybrid strategy based on powerful and automated divergence analysis and statistics, taking advantage of the cyclical movement of market prices.


Because the number one problem for Forex traders is the psychological barrier when they experience a losing trade, the LST System was designed to enable traders to make a profit even if most of their trades end in a loss (more than 33.33%) ! The LST delivers with any pair and any timeframe, no matter what the market conditions are.


LST stands for: Learn, Simulate and Trade. This is not just Vladimir's advice for traders, it is also the exact way the LST system is delivered and traded:


Learn the system and once you're sure you fully understand it, trade it on the unique LST Simulator. Once you feel confident and comfortable with the rules – it is time to trade live!


In addition to the videos and written guidance, owners of the LST system are entitled to participate in Vladimir's live webinars where he periodically meets with all LST'ers and teach how to make the most out of the strategy, and how to be a better trader.


The LST package consists of a multiple confirmation alert system.


It is built to provide clear and confident entry and exit prompts.




This is a screenshot of the LST Simulator, showing the automated divergence recognition, Vladimir's proprietary divergence indicator, and simulator panel.


The Alert is based on 3 components:


1. Divergence Indicator - a unique indicator developed by a team of scientists and coders, headed by Vladimir Ribakov and his talented student Laszlo Hun, based on the many years of his experience perfecting the art of divergence analysis. The Divergence indicator clearly marks divergences on the chart, and how to use them, eliminating the need for guess work or mis-interpretations.


2. Candlestick Patterns indicator - a proprietary indicator marking specific Japanese Candlestick patterns with very high success rate potential.


3. Price Tunnel Indicator – This indicator will dynamically adapt a special tunnel that marks reactionary areas.


These components work in harmony and are designed to be easy to follow. They were especially built for the LST system and its specific requirements.




The LST System works on any time frame, such as 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, etc. It is designed to cope with any market condition. This includes both trending markets and markets caught in a range. The You can apply the LST to any currency pair (with preference to the majors).


The LST works on proven statistic principles. On any pip we risk, we look to take at least two pips. In other words, the risk-to-reward ratio is at least 1:2 or higher!


The alerts will pop up on your MetaTrader and will also be sent via email. The LST's template also includes relevant news updates, to provide an extra layer of safety.



About The Simulator


Throughout the years Vladimir discovered that one of the core reasons people fail with even high quality strategies, is that they jump into the cold water, using the strategy on the live volatile market without really understanding it. Then their inexperience results in losses, and they quickly abandon what could have been an amazing money-making strategy.


That’s why Vladimir built a full general Forex Market Simulator, on the same principles of a flight simulator. Vladimir provides free access to this general Trading Simulator Here


With the LST System, Vladimir has customised (and upgraded) the general simulator software, to work with the unique principles of the LST system. Now, a trader can try out the LST, varying the speed of market changes and volatility according to their experience level - before applying the strategy to the real market.


This way a trader can get 100% confident with the strategy, without any risk of losing money.


The simulator is designed to train the trader in every conceivable market condition. It is a simple Load-up-and-trade process. The experience gained is overwhelming.



Proof Elements


Vladimir's reputation and track record speak for themselves. We don't need to bore our readers with things they've already heard 1000 times before, such as that money can be made from the forex market, robots are not working, and fake gurus are haunting them...


By now Vladimir has already accumulated hundreds of real emails and social media testimonials to show, a real track record of signals from his Signals Service and other strong evidences. So, instead of the usual empty promises, we are able offer genuine proofs that speak for themselves.


As far as proof elements of the LST System, Vladimir has decided to record the LST System at work for different currency pairs, for a full 1 year! All videos will be uploaded to YouTube and you will be able to embed them on your website, blogs or whichever way that fits your style of promotion.


Plus - and no less important: The LST System is being operated as we speak by a group of beta testers who at the end of their trial period, will provide their insights and results of the system!






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Clickbank's action are blessed and we are very happy with them since at the end of the day those scammers damaged our legitimate activities as well, as we encountered too many frustrated clients who lost their interest and faith in something they previously believed.


Since our Forex Signals & Mentoring service enjoys a very low refund rate (8%) we are getting from Clickbank all the support we need.


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For any inquiry regarding the LST System or any of Vladimir's other products, please contact our support team at this email address: ForexLstSystem [at]


To contact Vladimir's Affiliate Manager please use this Skype ID: gal.f73


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Products By Vladimir Ribakov's Colleagues


As part of Vladimir's mentoring, he often recognizes talented traders from his community and help them bring their skills and products to the Forex community. In the near future, you will find new products from Vladimir's students. Recently, Vladimir loaned part of his team to help "Honest Abe" with his new Signals Service.


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